A couple minor bugs and suggestion: Dismantling

Things that should be fixed:
1 if you right click on something in the inventory and back out the drop-down remains.
2 you can’t unload a weapon without a free slot (even if there is enough room to add the bullets to an existing slot).



We should be able to take apart a crafted item to a part (half) of its constituents. It’s perfectly realistic and I’d love to turn the dozen pick axes I end up with into some metal and wood :stuck_out_tongue:

The dismantling option sound pretty good. I often find guns and have no use for them when I already have that weapon.

I agree, dismantling or smelting guns down to metal would be ideal.

I believe this might added in the future when there are furnaces and/or workbenches.

dismanting seems good, but the ideas are really needed atm.