A couple of basic Text Model Requests.

If anyone could make these, I would seriously appreciate it. I tried to make them on my own, I got the model and everything done, but putting them in source, I guess the whole compiling part got me.

If anyone could just make a couple of text models for me, I’d really appreciate it.

I’d like them to be 128 units wide, (if you’re using 3DSMax, an extrude of 1 or 0.5 would be perfect on the text.)

I don’t require any special textures, just flat colors. They would all have metal surfaces too.

I think the Arial font would work perfectly for most of these, unless you have an idea for something that would work better.

I need them saying:

“White’s Driving School” in dark red/maroon.

“Welcome To” in light blue.

“Valley Brook” in light blue.

“Valley Brook Police Department” in white. (256 Units Wide, if possible.)

Center” in red, with Center centered under the Shopping.

If someone could do these, I will really appreciate it. I don’t really have any money to offer up or anything, but I’ll give you credit on my map when I start posting more about it.

Heh, so no one can?

Or could anyone please just redirect me to a couple of letter packs or something, at least?

is all i could find on garrysmod.org

Oh wow, thanks a lot. For some reason those didn’t pop up for me when I searched. Thank you though. These will work great.