A couple of game characters I made from phx blocks

Me liek. (palette)

I demand proof…:smiley:

that’s amazing

Good job.

I love that Megaman.

seen too many of these

That Megaman is good. I don’t care if it’s been done a million times it still looks cool.

I only need one emote to describe this. :aaaaa:

Who rated this dumb is bumb! This is amazing make more!

I have more but they are 8-bit mario, goomba, and koopa. I am planning on making more of the 16-bit versions of these though so expect to see 16-bit goomba, and koopa within the near future.


I am finished with the 16-bit koopa. here it is.


Goomba is finished.

It would be a bitch but do 16 bit link

Actually I can try that. Let me get started on it and ill post it as soon as its done.

I dare you to recreate a photograph pixel by pixel.

Hey, that’s pretty cool i used to do this, but never that well.

Maybe later cause that would be freakin hard. Plus im done with that 16-bit link.

gave a


Try some metal slug. Cool pics mate.