A couple of ideas for a new server mode, also, are there too many servers??

Seems quieter recently, I was wondering if the player count going down and the server count going up isn’t helping matters. Should people stop making new servers??
Looking at the steam stats there are still more players than before, but I’m guessing that back then there weren’t quite as many servers for everyone to be spread out over?

Here is the bit where I contradict myself; I was thinking that it would be cool if someone could make a server where the map was divided down the middle so it would be east Vs west. Clans could still play, individuals could still play but they would have a general goal of wiping out the other side off the map. I suppose that could work if there were islandy maps too!

My other thought is where you fill and entire server full of bears.

A divided map idea sounds cool but you would need some sort of proper clan systems so that people spawn on the correct side.