A couple of ideas me and a friend had.

First Gamemode idea:

PROP GOD Made by Taz (Shadico on these forums)

Okay, so there’s one player randomly picked to be the Prop God. He cannot do anything but spectate and spawn one prop at a time. The players (AKA everyone else on the server) must build with what props the Prop God chooses to give them. If the props get over-stacked or some other overload i haven’t decided of yet, The prop god wins and the player that is the Prop God is the prop god for another round. If the players build themselves out of a ten-minute time limit, THEY win and one of them is randomly chosen to be the prop god for the next round. To prevent trolling, Only the Physgun, Gravity gun, Tool gun, and Camera are allowed by the players. Certian tools are restrited, like the Turret, Dynamite, and any other destructive tool that can be used to purposefully destroy the contraption. The prop god, in case he is a minge, can only pick a prop twice in a row. After that, he can only pick that prop again when he has picked 5 other props.

Second gamemode idea:

TETRIS GOD by Littel Cart (WackoWeasel on these forums)

Simple. There’s a guy who is the Tetris God, picking what shapes are sent down into the tetris pit. It goes on like a normal tetris game, one guy controlling the blocks that fall down into the pit. The other players can use voice or text chat to help out the controller in huis game of Tetris. To prevent trolling and minging, The first block is autopicked and the same block can’t be used more than twice in a row.

Eh, just a thought…

That actually is a some good ideas!

I will try when i get back home(it isnt illigal to try!)

That would be good with the voice from the Tetris God video on youtube. It would be fun to have it say “LINE PIECE!”.