A Couple of mapping problems

Hey FP,

I’m a decent mapper, so i figured i would touch up an old map “Zm_Ship_b5” From the mod that won’t die Zombie Master. Since the map was an old favorite of mine and the lack of an update within a year told me the original creator had all but abandoned it to the wind, i took it upon myself to touch it up and add some of my personal zest to it.

Which was stupid of me, because I’m only good good at designing and making things pretty/not-painful-to-look-at, but I’m lost on some of the more technical aspects of mapping.

So a few questions arose that i was unable to google and/or ask friends about. So i’m here to bug you!

1). How would i set an entity’s health (Such as a zombie) To a High amount while making the zombie ignore players unless shot. The outputs on the zombie itself didn’t work too well for me.

2). How do i make a brush i have created float on water? I’m not sure what Func to set it to or anything, I tried func_physbox but even setting the mass to .00001 didn’t work, the silly thing just sunk slowly. Along with this, i want the props to be decently stable for players to stand on them (and keep themselves out of the water) So they need to be able to support atleast 1 player, and for the bigger 3-4

3). Since the ship in question on the map is not just a simple box, it happens to have rounded edges, which means i had to cut up the water (only small sections around the corner) quite a bit to round it off.
The previous mapper had also done this, but the problem was that his section of water showed up as a small invisible corner. Attempting to fix this i retextured everything, which fixed it for about 2 saves and then something happened to put it back.

-Then i went and remade the corner sections of water completely, which resulted in ONE of the four corners of the ship being perfect and the other three looked a little like this

How do i fix this? I was completely unable to figure out exactly why one corner was fine and the other three were still broken, i did find that the one corner that worked had a slight tilt to it, which made it intersect with the water outside of the area, but the rest i did perfectly and so they did not.

-The water sections were made with a square and the cut tool, No vertexes or carving.

Any help or light you can shed on the subject would be much appreciated
Thank you.

No responses after 18 hours?! Do you guys just not like me? );

Dont decompile maps.

I’m not taking credit for the map as my own, nor am i denying that the author initially made the map.

When you submit a map to a community it becomes property of that community (in this case the ZM Community) since the map has been in use for nearly a year now and it’s a very replayable map, i decided i would update it FOR the community.

I don’t see any harm in that, its not like i’m doing anything wrong.

I asked here because i felt that someone with more mapping expertise then myself would be able to elaborate on these problems and help me out. Not so that i would get flamed with three words from some random user.

Decompiling isn’t just an ownership issue; it completely butchers the brushwork meaning the map will run a lot worse.

Well, I’m fairly certain that you can just make a brush and just leave it alone and it will float. Althuogh now that you bring this up I’m getting worried… oh I literally just remembered while typing that first “.” back there that yes, they will. So don’t tie it to anything. Or if you really want it to be a func_physbox I’m fairly certain that there’s a flag for making it motion disabled (but don’t quote me on that). Oh, and you can also check off a flag in prop_physics that makes it so that players directly pushing or standing on the prop wont move it. This will stop it from moving no matter how many people are on it, but I don’t know the exact force a player exerts on an object by standing on it or running into it. I’d assume it’d be on the valve developer wiki though.

Hm, I see to be the only one ok with the decompiling. Awkward. I wish I knew how to make that ninja emote. Or any of em, for that matter. >_>

Eeep! i guess i wasn’t clear enough. I meant float on Water! But thanks for atleast trying to answer the question.

Oh, sorry. Hm. I’ll look into it, I’ve never tried before.

Sorry dude, I don’t think its possible to make brushes float on water.

Yes it is, go look at sb_gooniverse’s second earth planet.

It’s a physprop thing for func_physboxes. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but if you set it to the right physics prop, it’ll float.

Set it to have a material type of wood and it should float.