A couple of MiGs suprise a U.S. Patrol...


Some more Michael Bay/Mercenaries inspired shenanigans.
I’m rather happy with how this came out! It took the better part of 16 hours to complete (including posing, but over half was simply isolating shit)


(BTW, scene build)

Now before you start, I already know of a couple nitpicky errors
-I forgot to give the soldiers guns
-I forgot to put on any more ordinance for the MiGs
-There is probably some military technical bullshit that says that soldiers would never be walking around with a tank (I don’t know but you can never be too sure)
-An entire overpass exploding should have more debris (lets just say its all on the other side of the explosion)
-The transition between the flames and the truck might not be “3-D” enough for some of you
-Highways have more distance between the road and the wall
-The smoky debris trail in the lower left quarter of the picture might look strange to some of you
-There are some weird perspective issues that might make some of you question the position of the front MiG relative to the explosion
-And I know MiGs would never fly that low to the ground, but fuck you because it looks AWESOME

Awesome editing. What map?


Its a scene build :3:

This is one of the best pictures I’ve seen made in Garry’s Mod. The editing is amazing. Good job!

Crying from the awesomeness.

Pure awsomeness

That looks awesome. I wish i could edit that amazing

Beautiful scenebuild and editing… I love you!

I saw him first!

Please, please people, there’s plenty of me to go around! :3:

Those MiG’s are awfully close to the ground.

You should have un-spoiler’d my big spoiler tag. I acknowledge that.

Weeeeeeeell, the Russians wanna make sure that they killed most of the patrol.

If bombs and missiles don’t work, we will run our planes into them!

But seriously, that mig in the middle would of gotten owned by the explosion.

But it looks AWESOME

Not if he’s flyin supersonic, he would outrun the shockwave =3

But seriously, less talky talky about how low the planes are flying.

Fucking awesome.

Who the fuck cares about realism? If someone makes a realistic picture and it has errors in it, fine - let’s complain, but if someone makes a badass action picture then let’s not give a shit. Hm? Nobody goes and watches Die Hard and says “omg you couldn’t hang onto an F35 like that I give this film 1/10”.

haha yeah, exactly



Freaking epic edit, and scenebuild

Hoooly SHIT! why the hell didn’t i see this early great freaking job V-man!