A couple of quick newbie questions!

Hey, like a lot of people recently, I am new to Rust(not even a week old yet).
There are a couple of things that either I don’t know and can’t find answers or little pet peeves with the game, so to speak.

  1. Is there any possible way to make a chat box or adjust the duration of chat before it disappears? Also the chat doesn’t wrap around
    or hit a limit, it just kind goes invisible the further right it gets.

  2. Is there any way for a server admin to see who logs on and off of the server?

  3. Similar to 2, Is there any way to see who is currently on the server? Typing “status” just tells us how many people are on currently.

I know I had a couple of more questions, but I’m pressed for time atm. Any help or answers are appreciated, thanks!

  1. No
  2. Yes, shift+tab I believe, although it may be broken atm
  3. See above

Awesome, thank you.
Another question is: If you die multiple times in a short period of time, do you leave multiple backbacks on the ground? Or does your previous backpack disappear?

Also since I’m on the topic… How long does your backpack/s stay on the ground before it disappears, if not looted? Same question for airdrops, how long do they stay spawned once on the ground? Does the timer start when they are launched or when they hit ground?

These are questions I’m getting on my server tonight lol. Sorry to ask 10 things in 2 questions.

Thanks again in advance.

bump to see if anyone knows for sure. I believe the backpack de-spawns in a max of 5 minutes, maybe less.

It definitely stays for at least 5. (not sure if it’s any longer than that)