A couple of REDs carefully moving forward not really giving a fuck



Really nice faceposing.

that heavy really looks like a hipster.

contradictory title
not giving a fuck would mean that they are not careful
careful means they are precautious, they’re taking care, not not giving a fuck.


The Heavy looks very boss with his shades. very nice indeed.

The not give a fuckers rollin’

Scout’s leg looks like it’s dislocated. Otherwise it’s smooth.

It’s kind of like walking away from an explosion, assuming the person we’re talking about is cool.
You are careful not to get blown into pieces, but you simply do not give a fuck about the situation in general (such as the bills someone has to pay, or why did you cause the explosion in the first place).

Not really. They walk from the explosion like a bad ass because they don’t give a fuck.
They know that they will not be damaged by it, so they walk. No care is taken.

That random blue on Scout/Engie is really out of place IMO.

ok well
the title was literal all along
no physical fucks are being given

Nice work, good posing.