A couple of siggestions for this amazing game

Hello there,

I’m quite new in this game but I found it amazing.

I’ll drop some suggestion here since this game seems to have a lot fo potential and it’s still beeing worked on;


Googles - Binoculars --> Used as an object and it can zoom in (like when using an bow) to eneable see at long distances with accuracity, good both to defend and hunt!

Climb equipment --> (Boots, ropes, etc … ) Each equiped gives you a Degreee climbing bonus… let me explain. I have traveled around the mountains and you can go up until a certain degree, it could be nice to be able to walk in a higher degrees, perhaps even the initial degree one can climb can be lowered.

Construction items:

I saw in a post that farming is in the future to do list, perhapsit could be done from construction like foundations… it could implement a more soft raiding… Who don’t want to steal uncle’s apple field! :slight_smile:

Survivality in general:

I love the eating / life / cold system right now, but it could be improved with dehydration and even solar radiation (in deserts?, countered by turban and other clothes?)…

… The visual effectof solar radiation could see doube or mirages? :smiley:

Also wet and wind variables could mitigate/intensify these effects!


I don’t feel enough confident to talk about how it should be the PVP/PVE system (Raiding/defense system to be precise), right now i’m fine with the actual one, but i see too much rant / hate in the general chat. I understand that this has more to do with players than with the game itself. Said that i feel that if the main enemy wouldn’t be other players it would be more probable that players could cooperate, even if its to go against other “tribes” By main enemy i understand the local fauna, climate and finding resourceres.
So my suggestion here is to raise the PVE difficulty withouth lowering the PVP system and this will automatically bring more cooperation. For example with this points:

  • Do not put all the resourceres in all the climates (more action in the travel, eneable to loot people on the way, not only at their home? and at the same time an option to trade with people from other climates?)
  • Distribute resourceres in clusters, to generate activity there.
  • Make stone mineable from the landscape (perhaps easier to find but can be balanced by gathering rate?) but ore and sulfur from mines
  • Generate wolve bands instead of lone wolves
  • make bears a reall challenge

And i don’t remember what more wanted to say.

In any case, an amazing game!!