A couple of Sock Monkeys

Could someone make a sock monkey ragdoll, here are some pictures with a description below:

I would like the tail, arms and legs to be poseable, nothing els! I would like the original sock money (left) and the striped monkey. I think the striped monkey should come with assorted skins of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink.

I will shit myself if someone actually does it.

yeah? well… I’ll shit bricks!, know one ever does my requests :frowning:

this would be fun

i forgot, i also want a spawn menu :3:

D’awwww I want one!


Making a spawn list is the easiest part, finding a modeller will be the hard one.

Im just experimenting with the model, but i dont think its what you want.

show me model! :smiley:

yea i know it sucks :c

Looks nice! it could do some work on the arm pits, and minor details like the eyes, ears and shit but its a start!

Keep that up.

too skinny but i liek it :3:

Haven’t finished texturing:


Two words: I Came.

The golden question to GordoFremen…
Are you gonna lend us the model files so we can port it to Source? :3

if GordoFremen is making the model, why wouldn’t he do it?

He works for another engine(not source), so most of the times he just does the model but never releases it.

We could all model sock monkeys and release all of the (mostly hideous of course) attempts at making them in a big community pack. It would be awsome and random and mostly useless, since the person wanting just one would have to download about 6 or 7 other excuses for monkeys.

Oh wait. This is facepunch, and people are usually busy with other things or modeling in their spare time(which is short). Yeah, it’ll never happen.

What if we have a friendly competition?

well, GordoFremen this is a question for you, are you making the original sock monkey too? :3:
if he doesn’t ragdoll it, here is a tutorial for 3dsmax http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=489566

Don’t just say this won’t happen, and after someone already started making one. also, some of us can’t model smart one

That thing looks creepy…
The doll, not the model.