A couple problems with a new server

I’ve been working on getting a server running properly that I rented from NFO.

When connecting, I don’t have admin and neither does my buddy. Here’s how it looks in my users.txt…

** “superadmin”
“McBeth” “STEAM_0:1:26474678”
“Ironfungus” “STEAM_0:1:27699280”

	"McBeth"			"STEAM_0:1:26474678"
	"Ironfungus"			"STEAM_0:1:27699280"


Plus all the (necessary?) tabbing.

When connecting to the server, neither of us have admin, and using the rcon_password command doesn’t do anything either. However, when I use the “map_(mapname)” command to change the map, it changes to said map and grants me admin. But in the process, my buddy is kicked. Upon reconnecting, he’s placed back in the default map by himself, but on the same server. Thus leaving us both on the same server, but different maps, him still WITHOUT admin, me WITH admin. Totally weird…

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve exhausted more than the first few result pages in Google, and tried rewording my search a dozen times.