A Couple Questions About DarkRP

Hi, I am learning a lot about how servers work and all that, but no matter where I look, I can’t find the answers to these two questions.

  1. Is it possible to use custom models? Do you just download them and set it as the model for that job in the shared.lua?

  2. Can you use any regular SWEPs for DarkRP? I think you can if you just extract the files to the root and the entities to the weapons folder for DarkRP right? I tried this with GDCW and ran SourceRSC to sync the files up, but most of the guns appeared as errors, and you couldn’t hear them when you shot.

Thanks a ton for reading all of this!

Yes, you can use custom models.

Yes, you can use regular SWEPs for DarkRP, put them in addons, then the view model in addentities, or addcustomshipments, spawn as the team you put them in and Voila!

more help : steam ; xxfr4gxx

Thanks, I appreciate it! It’s rare to ask a question about DarkRP without being flamed by 500 people. :v:

I’m not home right now so I can’t really chat on Steam. Do you know of a way to disable people with the admin and superadmin from being able to edit FPP and the rp_ cvars? Also, should I use ULX, FAdmin or what? I noticed that most people like ULX, but it would seem better to use FAdmin because it is integrated with the scoreboard to make the Admins’ jobs easier.

I believe there is a cvar to lock them, which only the owner can use.

ULX is easier as it has 'dem nice RCON commands, and it logs very detailed.

You can use both.