A Couple Questions

I’m working on a new Game Mode and was curious 1. How I can make it to where if someone presses the Q menu, only a few props show up (and more for VIPs, etc.), and 2. How to disable all but a few tools from the toolgun. Thanks in advance!

For your second question, like this:

[lua]local notools = {

for _,v in ipairs(notools) do
if tool == v then return false end

You hook into “CanTool” to allow/disallow certain toolmodes. In this you just add the tools you don’t want people to use. However, what you want is different; you want to disallow ALL tools except a few, which is this:

[lua]local allowtools = {
“im firin mah lazor”,

for _,v in ipairs(allowtools) do
if tool == v then return true end

I’m not entirely sure about your first question; you would need to edit the sandbox source and block gm_spawn (otherwise people could spawn anything with concommands).

You would need to make a custom menu. Also, use the GM:PlayerSpawnProp hook to allow or disallow gm_spawn.

Or whatever it’s name was… looking for it :stuck_out_tongue: