A couple suggestions.

whether it’s going to be a true MMO or not, it’s clear Rust is gonna be a persistent world. I can’t keep playing for 12 hours a day… the holidays are over and I’ve been loosing sleep!

With that in mind the first thing I’d like to see is AI Guards. They could be “crafted” out of food clothes and weapons, but they’d in effect be an NPC who’s agreed to defend your town. You’d need to keep them supplied with food and ammunition, and you could increase their effectiveness/loyalty by giving them rare and valuable items, such as radiation pills. Or alcohol, cigarettes and playboy mags if those make it into the game. :wink:

Second is an explosives crafting mini-game. Eventually everyone on a server’s going to know how to make them, so there should be an element of risk involved in creating them, such that you’ll wanna build a separate shed a ways a way from your homestead to make 'em in! if you fail the minigame, you explode and take whatever’s nearby with you! People who get good at it would be known as their community’s explosives experts! :slight_smile:

I had a few other ideas but they slip my mind at the moment.

Not with you on the idea for AI Guards, as that just makes the need to get back to the server to upkeep your base not needed as much. You really want to hook up with a number of people who can check back in at different times of the day when you are unable to.

As for the explosive mini-game, THAT idea I do like. Just not sure what type of mini-game it should be. Kingdoms of Amalur had a dispelling mini-game for some containers where a target rotated around a circle and you had to trigger different symbols on it. if you didnt trigger ON a symbol (and different symbols reset if you take too long), you would take damage or get a debuff. Then there is Bioshock that had the “water pipe” mini-game for hacking.

It shouldn’t be a timed-based Minigame, as that just makes no sense since you wouldn’t RUSH to build a bomb. Rather, it should be a slow mini-game, or even just a wiring game where you have to hook up the right parts while not moving your mouse cursor too fast. Go too fast, boom.

I do believe, however, that explosives should make anyone carrying them highly volatile, to the point where players wont even want to carry any explosive materials with them or store them in their base.