A couple things

  1. I have deleted a few addons that i just didnt care for (spacebuidl, PHX) and they are still in the prop area with icons, they just dont do anything. is there a way to clean this up?
  2. everytime i start gmod it is set to 1024x 768 with no AA. ill set it to 1440x900 with 16xQ CSAA. exit the game and still nothing. the console says its writing the config, but no dice.

Im thinking i might have to reinstall, and figure out if an addon is breaking it, which would be ok, just time consuming.

Core 2 Duo e6750
4 gigs of ram

addons: a ton

Clean up Gmod to solve 1, maybe even 2.

Go to


Delete everything inside the spawnlist folder.
Sure, you could delete only the ones belonging to the addons you removed, but there are loads and it would take a while to find them all. So just delete them all. Gmod will re-create the ones you still have.

well the spawnlist problem was fixed. but its still defaulting to 1024x768 when i start up gmod.

did a clean. then did a reinstall of gmod and its still messed up :confused:

Try go on advanced launch options on gmod and put in “-w 1440 -h 900”, or whatever resolution you want.

can i force the aa the same way?