A crappy applyForce() hovercraft.

So since quite a few members of FP absolutely HATE applyForce() and terrible modeled attempts, I figured I’d post my first one here. Here are some pics, and a dupe.

and of course… the dupe

Atleast your description is accurate :-p

What the fuck is it?

Sooooo…It is a hovercraft…but is it full of eels?

ahem anyway, pretty cool. I like the way it looks, makes it look kinda steampunk-ish.


^ is gai?

j/k, I kinda like it, other than its needs to be longer.

E = findPlayerByName(“isdevilils”)
E:applyGay(“Over nine thousand gay buttsechs!!!”)

btw pac you’re ronald

Nice! It’s like an old hovercar in the future.

Old future.

dude you ran to wiremod forums screaming that we shitpoasted your contraptuin

it was only like 5 posts -.-

Stick an applyForce() turret on it while you’re at it.

Yeah… I ran screaming about 10 hours after posting it here. They were shit posts then, and suprise suprise, there are more shitposts now.

blatant obvious is stay there and dont come back if you don’t like it here blatant obvious

I think its pretty damn sweet, I downloaded it and love driving it around. The handling is amazing. Please stop hating, time was put into this.

Then why is it called crappy?

And you’re the face paint.
Go get a life.
Spending 24/7 trolling about on forums.
That’s absolutely incredible.

I seriously hope that one day, your momma will realize how much everyone hates you, and then kick your ass.


I’ve had a go at driving this. It takes some getting used to (Could use some functionality tweaks, like in steering and elevation-altering) but I love the steampunk look to it and the included sound effects of the engine running and of the hovercraft whirring along at speed.

The texture is erm… Not really functioning like its supposed to be.
The texture choice makes it look like a pile of shit instead of a hovercraft (No offense)