A crazy message in my console at startup.

Hey guys, I’ve just seen a message in my console, when I start the game :


What means the red thing and the blue one ? Is it an hack, or just an error ? I’m affraid about “>Loaded Menu State Bypass made by the Anti Update League for the developers who spent countless hours on menu state projects<” hope this is not a LUA virus. Thanks if you can help me guys, bye.

Nothing to worry about.

So what does mean this message ?

just dont worry, if it hasnt made any effect to gmod dont worry about it.

But if I read this message, I can understand that it prevent my Garry’s mod from updates, is it possible ?

just wait for a update and see.

Yes, nice idea, hope the next update won’t be in one or two months…

Thanks man :slight_smile:

someone was bored. and wrote that into one of their mods.

In one of the recent updates, Garry blocked main menu addons, or something of that nature.
I believe what you are seeing is just a comedic message from one of your addons that is bypassing that block.

Actually yeah, I believe addonisimo is the addon using the bypass. Nothing to worry about. :smile: