A Crocodile terrorizes a city



Not sure about this one, looks off… It’s difficult making 'yer own explosions

Special thanks to oogaboogaman!

God damn giant mutated organisms always fucking up our planet.

Whoa, nice one.

I didn’t know crocodile can fly!

He climbed the building.
Don’t you know anything about giant mutant crocodiles?


And that’s why we should destroy Louisiana.

And then Godzilla entered the scene. Very nice. Skyscrapers looks good. Map?

The explosion looks pretty horrible, you should have spent more time on it. It looks like you made it in paint or something. The smoke also needs work, why isn’t the lighting of the explosion shining on the smoke too? Cuz it would…

And the dof is fucked aswell, why is the focus on the buildings behind the crocodile instead of the crocodile? Surely you didn’t want this to look like it was taken by some random person who was standing in the skies with a camera?

And how did the crocodile manage to shoot a misile out of his mouth and make it go to the right?

Gm_bigcity it’s rare that the skyscrapers look good in that map though in my opinion.

Gm_bigcity really! Well that is a surprise.

Thats… Not what i had expected at all Dx

Sweet idea but the editing is pretty dodgy and the camera angle leaves a lot of empty space.

I don’t see how the explosion can be caused, at least if by the crocodile. Otherwise, I like it.

Holy shit it’s the croc from resident evil 2 but even bigger :gonk:

‘2 years after the Death of the Crocodile Hunter.’

wheres the justice league when you need them

Terrifying. :3: