a crowbar that fires trains

it has been something to aspire to lately

a person that can snipe people with trains with a crowbar

with another function that makes it hit anything realy far (so i can play tennis with minivans)

I wish to see more requests like this in the future:v: Uber realistic colt stands no chance against crowbar train snipers!

you get your realistic ak47s out

you see me

you see my weapon, a simple crowbar

you realize i have no chance, you take your time and aim down the sights…

straight at my forehead ,or between my eyes, take your pick, what use is a crowbar against an ak47

i see you. you fire

a train appears in front of me blocking your bullets and fly’s full pelt into you.

your ragdoll is on the other side of the map

i slowly walk over

you take your final breath


then i teabag you

then every person playing gmod joins the server to kill me since i did a halo thing

question, will you have a crowbar that fires trains or a train that fires crowbars?!?!

can we have both?

Capital letters are exisiting eh?

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Maybe he thinks that capital and non capital letters are the same shit :P.

Someones been smoking to many doobies :v:

ssh:ssh:This man is a genious:v:

Holy shit I actually want this it be phun!

I think, with kilburn’s model manipulation in view models, someone could make a tain that shoots crowbars.

i’ll do it
not very hard


finished coding it, but it’s getting late so i should have a download up sometime tommorow

Not very hard… depends how you’re doing it. There’s a difference between a crowbar that shoots trains and a crowbar that shoots trains.
Technically, my Melonium shoots melons, and my Minican-non shoots cans, that doesn’t mean that I took less than a day to make them. :v:

Actually, I’ll probably give this concept a try when the Fretta contest is out of the way.

This is ultra epic.
“I like trains.”

Woahh i can’t wait for the release! It would really make me happy if Kleiner is just waiting for a train at the Subway, when suddenly a Super Fast train comes right beside him and… ______

I’m not a coder, but couldn’t somebody just copy the code from original prop throwers and replace the prop with a phx train and replace the hold model with a crowbar? Like I said, I’m not a coder. So don’t flame me.

Yes, you can just do that.
And in fact, I did.


I just edited some code from the “Fun Gun Pack”. Not much at all, really. Well, here’s your magical crowbar.


could you make one that has a horn, and fly’s straight

A horn? Lol. Mind explaining? Also, since it uses a big prop, you have to be in noclip or on a flat surface for it to work right. If you want it to have a different prop, just change this in addons/Lawl Gun/lua/weapons/Lawl_Gun/shared.lua

[lua]function SWEP:PrimaryAttack()
self.Weapon:SetNextPrimaryFire(CurTime() + 0.2)
if SERVER then
local bar = ents.Create(“prop_physics”)

See the “bar:SetModel” part? Open the spawn menu, find your prop, right click, copy to clipboard. Paste that in where “models/props_trainstation/train001.mdl” is. Save, then restart your server if its on a server, or Disconnect then Re-connect to Single Player if its for single player.

wow, I rarely laugh out loud due to forum posts, but this just about did it.

But it’s actually a cool idea. If you’re going to shoot a train at someone, a loud truck-horn coming toward the victim is surely more intimidating.

Setting the angle is slightly more complicated, but easily possible.

given the general theme, maybe it should explode after killing somone, making the corpse fly across the map. or move up and down, crushing the corpse really hard about 5 times or so.


I might have to edit this to my liking.

I’d say it should instantly create a section of railroad track, fly along that, derail, while blaring horn, hit the target, explode and then the ragdoll catches fire.\

And if it kills someone it should have barney’s “OH SHIT” line played.

sorry for taking so long to upload, here’s the release thread, it does everything the op asked for.