A Crowbar That Fires Trains

This is a Crowbar, that fires trains when you left click and makes things go flying when you right click.

I made this for this request thread, but it’s taken me quite a while to upload it.





Laggy, Massive, Deadly, But Nice. I have always dreamed about it. Now we have just left someone to make crowbar shooting citadels.

it’s not laggy at all for me :downs:

I didn’t try it yet. But I mean everyone will lag if they shoot like 50 trains.

This looks kind of interesting. Want to make a video?

thank you sire

god bless you.

Anyone think what I think about this?

Can you make it shoot faster? The trains go slow, also at least make the crowbar shoot animation work.

Perfect weapon to play a “WTF” sound in a video

Inspiring! Instant download.

now that you have done my first insane request

a swep to make it rain killer babies

I saw the request thread somedays ago, I’m glad this was made.

Extremely simple but yet awesome.

Does the train come out sideways or the same way that you’re facing?


Now all I need is a AK-47 that shoots babies.



…you’re shitting me…

Well, if I remember correctly there’s also a baby that shoots AK-47s, so it’s par for the course. Also, it’s the result of a SWEP tutorial anyhow so, of course people will make it.

Train crowbar. This and the Trainfuck addon could go well, though in the wrong hands…~ :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha there should be a competition for this :stuck_out_tongue: who can make the most random swep.

Thanks for falling to my sarcastic post.