A cruise ship I made, which I couldn't finish.

So I got really bored and decided to make a huge ship, the only problem was it consisted of like, 600 props. So I would have had to parent different sections and attach them on site or on the server I’m on.

It was going really well until my retarded computer resumed from sleep mode with just a black screen… stupid.

Anyway I’ll show you how far I managed to get before the game crashed (It always happens when I make huge contraptions).


  • I know it looks kinda small in this picture, but it wasn’t. It is huge, it wouldn’t fit into the lake into Gm_Buttes all that well.

  • Early Beta, when I was getting the shape correct.

I know I couldn’t finish it, and I’m sorry I couldn’t finish it. I’d love to show you guys the finished painted and interior’d product, but I can’t. Maybe I’ll make a smaller liner sometime tommorow or something.

You have the body of the ship great. Don’t worry about not finishing since I never finish any of my stuff.

Is it parented? if not, holy lag shit fuck storm, in your ass. Other than that, its looking good.

pissssssssss in my assssss!!!

Looks like it would have been awesome.

Thanks, I might make a smaller one with a nice interior if I can today.

that looks pretty awesome. would be cool if you could get it to float and such. parenting is a godsend, I guess.

Now I want to go build a new ship.

HH = heil hitler

Yet another one. I’ll be making a proper one tommorow.

It used one 10 cylinder 60,000HP Engine.

This 10 Cylinder engine was located at the rear of the ship.

The Delo Bar, located on Deck 8.

  • The front of the ship without the nose cap on.

Up top, lies an unfinished Cruise Ship, an empty swimming pool, and an un-finished disco :s.

Also, when you run the engine on idle, it will NEVER stop, unless you make it stop. This is since when it’s in the water (Which it wasn’t) It stays in the same position. Also this was because the propeller system was so powerful it could only be turned by the engine itself or the physgun.

I’ll tell you straight, it looks really nice, your materials really top it off man.
Good job, and the interior is quite stunning too, though the floor in the Delo Bar, needs a different mat.

Really gawd Jawb.

Thanks man. I will make another tommorow. And I Hope To finish it.

It’s great how you detail every part.

Will the smaller one have cabins?

Looks awesome! How are you planning on doing the prow and stern? I always fail there…

This boat is like a fort
But it’s a boat
And it’s amazing

I need to figure out how you did those walls though what with the angling PHX plate things.

Hmm. That’s the part I’m dreading, it’s really hard doing bows with PHX plates. I will give it a shot.

I’ll have to make it tommorow since today has been so busy.

If you succeed in that, and get it to float, i will worship you as my new god.

Hmm, I see a mass of phx…

scrolls down

Holy sweet Mary mother of god.

Exactly what I said.

My favourite part is definitely the delo bar, that has to be one of the best contraption-based rooms I’ve ever seen, very aesthetic and very well-positioned.