A CT taking on two terrorists.


My feeble editing attempt. It’s in the edit megathread if anyone wants to try their hand. C&C?

muzzle and blood looks too animated, blood too bright
posing is ok, camera angle looks good

overall, an ehhh picture

Blood and Muzzle Flash looks horrid. Your getting MUCH better though! :buddy:

Bringing knives to a gunfight. Silly terrorists. :v:

I really like it. The blood needs a bit of work but it’s good imo.

Posing and angle look decent. Blood and muzzleflash need work though.



I’ve got it in the editing thread hoping for some one to do a better edit :smile:

DMC Twosometime. Nice one thar.

Really nice work, you’re improving a lot.
The only things bugging me are the blood and muzzle flashes.

Thanks. In hindsight, I probably made the blood too light, but what’s wrong with the muzzle flash? I’m going to guess it’s too small and slightly discolored?

It looks like it’s painted on.

Like Punkrock said, it’s too 2D-like. And yes, it’s a little discoloured.
Take a look at pictures of real muzzleflashes to compare them.

Thats me in mw2!

But seriously it does look nice.

finally a non-stiff pose, good!

Nice posing dude. Youre getting better.

Wow you posed this? Looks pretty good.

You still need to work a bit on the legs on the left terro(They a bit too stretched) but the rest is nice, blood and muzzleflashes need work too.

Keep this up.

Thanks :smile: I’ll do a re edit if I’m not to busy playing BC2 tonight.

nice work
and i agree with santz you do have to work on the left guys legs