A cup of coffee

Why not tea? Still, awesome.

But why not a coffee? :slight_smile:

Nice idea, I immediately laughed when I saw it

Price is British. :slight_smile:

Oh, shi~. Ok, it will be tea.

Cool, i like…

Colours seem a little fucked up and the blood is too bright but his expression is awesome xD
Have a funny.


The guy with the desert eagle made me lol hard.

:cawg:. This was great. Nothing comes between me and my coffee.

That’s just funny. I mean seriously. A guy is lossing his head in the background and the guys all like “COFFEE NOMNOMNOM”

Likewise, any screenshot that can make me almost spit up a mouthful of soda gets a good rating in my book. I could point out a few spots that I think need improving, but the subject is so great it more than makes up for a handful of tiny flaws. Well done sir, a smiley for you.

Thank you. :downs:

This picture made me laugh a lot. I like it and the over-the-top cartoonishness is brilliant. Nice work.

Was Price’s face posed or was it edited? Either way it made me lol. :v:

thats awesome :wink:

That would totally be me in a war zone.
“Private! Get your ass down!”
Sip “What?”
You deserve a funny.

om nom nom

This sound is when the Heavy eat his sandwich.
And I’m C.O. :lol: