A Currency / Gunshop system. [L4D. Pics]

I wanted to implement some kinda of gunshop system. I made a func_button that spawned a rifle via point_template and it worked ! But when I tried to make a currency system here’s what happened:

I wanted players to find currency in the form of a func_button (1.) that disappears when pressed. It sends a value to a math_counter (2.) or “bank”.
That bank sends another value to another math counter, representing the price of an individual weapon. (3.*) “price_rifle”
When the value limit of the price_rifle is reached, it unlocks the func_button (Orange Trigger wall.) that spawns the weapon_rifle through a point_template. While subtracting the value from the bank and price_rifle.

However, when I try to do this, the currency button disappears like it should, but the gunshop button doesn’t spawn the rifle. Am I going about this the right way ? Or am I just doing something completely wrong ?

All help really appreciated.

Fixed that weird prop_dynamic thing. Anyone have any insight on my predicament ?

Add a delay on the subtraction output, might be firing to fast for the game to spawn the weapon. (Only need about 0.1 seconds usually)