A currency system- however, very identifiable to a single server.


There is the design document. As it stands, it’s more of a ‘can this be done’ type of thing- while I know some of it is possible, not all of it might be. If you have any questions or are interested in doing this, please post here and please PM me as well so we might add each other on Steam and I can answer any immediate questions you may have over the course of scripting this.

All of it can be done, it’s just the question if anyone is willing to spend enough time in something that seems like a compilation of “ideas” DarkRP server owners have had.

No offence, if you have the time/motivation to do this, go for it!

Good luck.

It’s meant for a combat-freeform realism-tactical sandbox server, not for DarkRP.

The idea is the player takes on the role of a merc who needs to buy weapons to complete operations and jobs assigned to him by human job-assigners. He cashes in on their job and perhaps on bounties he’s collected. If he gets enough money he can afford things like helicopters and gunships and shit. The clan will often stage large events with multiple players, partially funded by ‘military budgets’ and partially funded by other people pitching in sort of as an entrance fee- die and you get no prize and lose some cash but survive the fight and you get a big fat addition to your wallet.