A Dangerous Offer


(HWM models are a pain in the ass to handle when you’re trying to make a good face. I also hate it when effects don’t produce shadows.)

Good lord, his fingers

The urban RED Scout was always known for the brutal fist fights he’d get into with the BLU Heavy during lunchtime. During one of his fights, he broke all of his finger after punching the BLUE Heavy in his ridiculously strong chest. Wanting to keep his reputation, he let his hand heal naturally over time, resulting in his fingers getting deformed. To this day, he still vows revenge on that BLU Heavy.

The scout has the most retarded face.
He’s all like “HURRRRR”

This was also caused by that fistfight with the BLU Heavy, in which his face is half as bad as that guy from Notre Dame. This is totally not an attempt to make my mistakes look like they were done on purpose.