a Danmaku gun?

i gun that shots millions of bullets in patterns kind like in touhou.
anyone want to try to make it?

Well, I can’t do that, but I have modded a knife you can throw about 10 of every second. You have to use knives, since the bullets in gmod aren’t physical, and they woulda moved way to fast if they weren’t anyway. I am working on a gmod-video where i use this, and when i upload it, i’ll post the link.

If you hotbutton phys_timescale to 0 (And ai_disable 1) and then use another button to bind phys_timescale 0.23 (And ai_disable 0) then you can make some pretty Sakuya-like patterns! Beware of lag though. If you really want it I can upload it.

sure upload it

anyone else want to give it a try?

Ok, heres the knife, if you have the CSS realistic pack by WORSHIPPER then this knife WILL overwrite that one, however, the knife you get will be so much better that it doesn’t even matter.


I’ve been thinking of doing something like this, actually. But what models should I use? I suppose I could do some simple Reisen-style danmaku first, or something.

If I did end up doing this, it’d be my first gmod lua thing, so please don’t expect way too much…

sure go ahead it will be cool

With Reisen-thing, do you mean to use this model? http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=50200

However, even with that model, the bullets would be moving too fast (They hit instantly in the source-engine)
I would recommend using a sprite for bullets, and not a 3d model, that way you would be able to fire a couple of times without lag. I guess I could rip Reisen’s bullet-sprite from Touhou 8 ~ Imperishable night for you, if you want to… But yeah, you’ll have to make the custom bullets that aren’t bullets, but physical objects with 0 gravity, unless you want the bullets to fall downwards…

This is not gonna be easy, but I dare say that I can help, if you want it! (My MSN is odd-mar10n@hotmail.com, and my steamid is Zondax, add me on either one of them if you need help)

Heh, I didn’t actually know about that view model.

But no, I already knew this would take making some entities first, so when I said Reisen-style, I meant using some sort of bullet model for the entities and just trying to get one of her simpler spellcards working. Shortly afterwards, I did realize it’d probably be better to use sprites to reduce lag. Speaking of sprites, I’m not so sure how useful it’d be to use Reisen’s shot sprites straight from any of the games, seeing they’re directional, so they’d probably have to be horizontal billboards or something. We can try it for sure, but I’m not quite sure how well it’d work.

Any help would definitely be appreciated, seeing that, as you said, this isn’t going to be a quick walk through the park, but it’s not going to be incredibly hard either. I just have to get it into my head the limitations I have to work under. If I were working in GameMaker, I’d probably be done already :Y
But yeah, I’ll add you on my Steam.

I didn’t think about Reisens bullets actually being directional before you mentioned it, so it realle does make the whole thing a little harder, however, not impossible. We could try to use the same technique used in the Doom weapons pack ( http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=88658 ), where the sprites are turning, depending on where you stand :smiley:

I’m not that sure how were supposed to do it, but a little tweaking in the script shouldn’t be too hard ;D

What’s your Steam? It doesn’t seem like you’ve added me yet :S

I think you gave me a slightly misspelled steam id, because I couldn’t find “Zondax.”
However, I just checked a few seconds ago, and I found “Zondac.” Is that you?

My Steampage is http://steamcommunity.com/id/SPD171

Yes, that is me :3

Hey, Animefan122, I just wanted to tell you that we’re working on it, and we have been working on it for the last couple of days. So far we have fixed a spreading knife with trails, and with such a low poly-count it doesn’t cause alot of lag. We’re working on spellcards, and some special effects, we’ll keep you updated ;D

wow you guys are the best, are you going to make a bunch of other girls spell cards or just working on ones?

it could be a whole touhou swep

i can get sounds rips and stuff if you want

Right now, the only ones I have planned out at all are Sakuya, Okuu, and Youmu, though I know I also want to do Cirno and Reisen, too.

If you have ideas, you can contact us, for sure.

Oh yeah, and we’re having trouble ripping sounds, so if you want to help there, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Could you please rip Sakuya’s? knife-bouncing sound-effect from Touhou 10.5?


Check my avatar.
I agree with you

Is it like friendly fire?
That gun shoots smiles

the site with the rips in down atm i will post then as soon as its back up =o

still down i think its down for a long time

Oh lawd, when was the last time it was up?
Also, we’re (Sploder is) doing some great progress here, we’ve (Sploder has) added the first spellcard, and we have a spirit-bar. I’ll make a video about the alpha later today ^^
The first SWEP may be done within the end of the month, however, I’m not that sure, we’re gonna have to fix some details and stuff like that too.
Also, we don’t have a v and w model yet, but we’ll do that in the end.

ohh sweet =D

this is going to be so cool

edit: heres the soundrip http://www.4shared.com/file/190321874/de06eab5/Touhou_SFX_Rip.html

sorry but it dont have the fighters games in it also i think its missing UFO

That’s awesome!

EDIT: BTW, we’ll be done with the Sakuya’s SWEP by the end of the week. Though it will still be missing a few graphical pieces (view model, world model(for the weapon), etc.)