"A Dark History of Lighter Times"




Hope you enjoy it, it’s my first pose, and first time using photoshop :x!

It’s on GM_Atomic, if you’re wondering.

C&C :v:! (Remember, I’ve never really done this before o_o)

Looks really good, but the VTOL is way too clean. Also the ground is not destroyed enough, add some rocks around it or something.

Alright, I can try another version sometime later. :smiley:

Any suggestions on how to make the VTOL dirtier?

Thanks :D!

Simply add mud splashes and dirt (if you don’t know how to , use custom brushes and clouds)

The ingame preset bloom ruined it for me.

Scenebuild is fairly decent. Nice work on that.

Nice picture, reminds me of the crashed alien spaceship in Fallout3.
However, the VTOL or whatever it is, is too clean. Same goes for the ground itself, nothing indicates any crash at all and it looks like the VTOL sank down i quicksand.

That looks really nice, good job! Keep practicing your editing and it’ll be great!

I agree that the vtol is too clean but the rest of the stuff you said doesn’t take into account that it’s been crashed for so long that the guy inside is a skeleton now… Most evidence of the crash would probably be looong gone!