A dark knight about to fire a spell.

C&C please.



Happy new year everyone!

Simple DoF kills the picture, and the spell sphere looks blurred.

But the lights and the pose are cool mate.

Holy shit that’s a lil frightening.
I’ve seen that gear before… Isn’t that a mod for Oblivion?

I expected Batman.

It is a mod ported to the source engine.

I’m quite sure that I didn’t use simple DOF, but I could have made a mistake.

Is that a picture of the Sun you’ve shopped into his hand there? o_O

You used Super DoF but you didn’t render it

Shit, me too.

Smexy editing.

Yeah :v:

I actually really like this. :v:
Nice editing and lighting.

render yur blur

I shall next time.

i like it
link to the models plox?