"A day at Mcdonalds" Episode 1: A comic by Nickels

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UPDATE: I have decided not to continue with this series. I’m working on a better project.
Anywho this is a quick comic I made using the mcdonalds-mds map. I hope you enjoy It. I would love some comments & ratings. Yes, I know this isnt as good as my other ones. This was just something to occupy some time.

I loved your comics…till this one…:frowning:

hehe. It made me giggle.:keke:

Hope the other episode is better tough:D

I am sorry I ruined it. I will try to make up for it. I don’t think I could ever live up to tricked out ride, but I’m having a hard time thinking of new plots. I might do another commercial.

:slight_smile: Now this one I liked a lot! Good work. Where did you get the McDonald´s map from? 10/10

Its originally a cs map. Get it pretty much anywhere.

Man that reminds me of some GREAT CSS matches in HZR that was allmost our home ground :slight_smile: me and Blimpyboy were great… and onto the comic ok odd 5/10 +4 for the memorys of good times

Yeah!!! I loved your Free Babies And The Car commercial

Im working on another commercial.

pretty good comic, but how many ongoing comics do you have now?

pretty funny but this should’ve been in the comics section

I got a chuckle to not bad for light humor

so he trips and theres massive amounts of blood.

With the blood, I was making fun of all those comics with massive amounts of blood. theres never really that much blood, except if you got chainsawed.

this is great 10/10 when will we expect episode 2?

I loved it… im new here so i dont know if these are " known sharacters ", but i really laughed when G-man says Mr.Breifcase.
And the rest is Superb too … haahaahaa

LOL LOL… that was Great i LOVE THE GORE LOl

Exessive gore 10/10

Ok not bad. I got a chuckle out of it.