A Day at the Computer


Basically what I look like after trolling hordes of Disney fangirls by purporting Nick Jonas’ sudden surge of diabetic ketoacidosis. Also, I got to show off my awesome interior decor.

he looks like he is looking at the desk, rather than the screen, textures look… low quality…

and on top of that I can’t really tell what I’m supposed to focus on.


Gee, thanks. Now you made me all upset.

I see, it’s like an interactive comic of some sort right? You make a pic, we answer, you make a pic based on the answer?

Don’t worry. I’ll come up with some pithy G-Mod screenshot to express my sardonicism towards all of you!

Why was he using Dos box in the OP picture?

I troll through the command prompt. I’m hardcore.

Pretty good object placement for cs italy!

Oh no, that’s not cs_italy, that’s West Philadelphia.

jpeg_quality 100 needs to be used.

I like this guy.
Now post a picture of you clicking the heart, then refreshing 10,998 times. :smug:


Now I know you didn’t just make that joke.

Something is stopping me from criticizing this… Something powerful…

I can’t resist.