A day in Nitro's Build Server


Nitro’s Build Server :

Contact braden_909 on steam :slight_smile:



I don’t think you should be showing off other people’s stuff

Everyone knew that I was recording and they were fine with it :slight_smile: I’m an admin of the server, It’s not like I’m sneaking in and stealing video of secret stuff.

They’re stuff seems to be stuck behind time…

I gave him permission to record my helicopter because he said he just wanted to practice film editing, but I didn’t know he would post it here. Braden you need to ask Nitro permission to advertise his server and at least post it in the right section, lol

You’re grammar too

If you didn’t get it: You**'re** was intended

You are also grammar

They are stuff seems to be stuck behind time…

wtf behind time?

Their stuff seems to be stuck behind time.

I think :v:

how about “back in time”?


Also, I stopped watching like halfway through so I don’t know if I missed something, but the shit I saw was pretty horrible. I can’t really tell you what you could improve on since you didn’t make the shit so I’ll just leave you with this.

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This video wasn’t intended to impress anyone with contraptions really. More than anything I was just trying to show the general environment of the server. Notice how everyone is at least building SOMETHING, and not minging off? Btw as far as I know, a few of the guys were working on a semi-rigid rotor design or something, so despite how “pretty horrible” it looked, they really know how to throw together some badass shit.

…it was intended

Heh I love Nitro’s server only because its nostalgic.

They only use E1 on their shit, if they do at all, and hydrolics for everything!

Love you guys,

fff I can’t spell for my life

How is this video a contraption?

Well the swash plates look alright

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