A Day in the Life of a RPer: Episode 1

-----Episode 1-----
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Peter Green goes around into random servers looking for RPer’s to interview.
Please give us comments and suggestions on how to improve or tell us what you liked.

Peter Green - Virus78
Kaji Katana - Himself
Filming + Editing - Mr. Armadillo
Music - Paul Dateh and inka one

So you just played some RP?

Great, none of us have done that.

Wow thanks for your comment that has totally inspired me we can make a much better video now that you have stated the blinding obvious THANKS!

Proof of why i dont play regular RP servers. people dont rp and they act lame. and if you talk to them kill

i liked it, im not sure wat about it, but i just liked it for some reason.
plus this sourgth of thing could really go somewhere. have a optimistic :slight_smile:

Thanks we have tried filming stuff for a second episode but becuse we do it live and theres no script some people are just plain boring we kinda got lucky on the first. i think we have interviewd about 4 peopel since the first one but they were all boring so we just gotta find the right people

Thanks for your comment

It was actually okay, but I’d recommend removing the HUD and adding some effects to show you are using a camera.

Well we are just using the camera SWEP becuse its on live serevrs and its “on-the-fly” we cant really setup any cameras i suppsoe we could use a demo but thats just more work but if peopel liek it we coudl try it in different episodes

Unfortuantely the Camera swep only removes some of the HUD in DarkRP.

EDIT :- Just thought in the F4 menu you acna edit the hud we could make it all transparent thanks! for the comments

should have done TnB rp, the times i’m on there good shit happens

Ok will try it thanks for the suggestion only reason we didnt go on tacoscript / cakescript / gmodrp or anythign else was becuse we didnt have the files and or maps and we wanted to get an episode out to see if people liked the idea but definately in the future