A Day In the Life of Gabe 4!

I finally got around to continuing this and back on a track where I can have some more fun with it. I’m not copletely proud with it but to be honest, I never am completely proud of a lot of things I do. Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

that wasn’t bad actually this was good to watch for a short.

when the terro get shot by awp, that needs improving.

Yeah theres actually a funny story with that.

I had planned on having an object hit him when the blood spray occured but when I exited to game I realized I had made an incredibly fatal mistake that I’m too embarassed to mention. :v:

Where did you get the explosion from? At 0:44

With this addon. Cant remember the exact name of the particle though so just try all the ep2 ones.

There is a Gabe boomer skin on fpsbanana.

so um… yeah.

dat was good :slight_smile:

Oh ok.

You are only the third person to bring this up. :slight_smile:

I may have it for the next episode.