A Day In The Life Of Gabe

I don’t think I’m gonna be invited to Gabes birthday party. :frowning:

f f f commin f f f f commin commin f f f




Close up


Lol Gabe is a boomer


:lol: The end!

I’m going to start saying node instead of no.


Why did you have to make Gabe a Boomer?


I didn’t think Heavy would suit him well.

So this was just basically a sopping cry from you because you havn’t got a game yet.
Meaning you have to resort to fat jokes… witty.

Oh. What does “this” refer to? Oh now I see. I like the way you talk.

…Whos crying?

I am because you made Gabe delay episode 3 even more!

Shit I guess I better make another video depicting him as a total bad ass. D:

I’ll get right on it.

You should have used the Gabe Newell Boomer skin (I hexed it, check my thread).

New one is almost done. I’ll make a new thread for it when it’s finished.

That’s was hilarious at the end. Could use better editing though.