a day in the life of SLAMEX (he has aspergers and no firends)



c+c plz (in before “your comic sucks” image macro, i will get you banned for that)

I hurt your ego didn’t I?

Let me pat your head and make it better.

rofl this comic owns

the irony…

this is the best comic that has been posted on this forum in some time

You just made a comic, about me, because you got butthurt when I posted a macro, after you posted the same macro on my thread.

Yes, the irony. Now go hug your mum before I do again.


You keep spamming “your comic sucks” and not doing shit but cloging the server.

yeah quit cloging teh server! the tubes are going to overflow!

Your comic sucks ass…

Well looks like FP is going to force another comic maker out.