A Day in The Mountain Village


Like I said on Steam, very nice work. Looks good.

Looks nice. Those guys on the left are tall.


shit is dope.

Only thing i found in this pic weird is the mage with the hat right hand.
look’s kinda out of place. or too bended.

But it’s awesome.

Simply amazing

Thanks for the comments, guys. :slight_smile:

Wow, This is just…Wow

Never fuck with mages.

With mages never fuck.

Image re-uploaded to my dropbox, so now it dosen’t take forever to load and/or it actually loads now.

The wizard with a hat looks like a complete faggot. Aside from that, it’s good.

Okey, elaborate and don’t use a deragatory term in one of my threads again.

you look like a complete faggot too

no-one’s complaining lmao

I can totally picture you as a 14 years old emokid when you say this. AKA "yeah, trying to make me look like a faggot by acting like one, good job "

Simply clarifying = faggot =/= homosexual

And did you even look at the way this wizard is holding his staff? He looks all "aw this is too heavy I might break my back :frowning: " (and his right arm behaves strangely) and his hat looks horribly out of place.

Quit whining.

That sounded like whining to you? Funny, it sounded like I was not giving a single fuck about what taggart said to me. Neither do I care about what you said because it’s stupid and has no base.

Sorry about the derailing

I’ll say this once; Faggot is used very commonly as a deragotry term, no matter what you may think, so don’t use it in any of my threads again.

And what one mans opinion means to me is NIL. Nada. But only when they point out “faults”. If more people thought like you, a derailing would be ok, but this time it’s not.