A Day in Time 2 Teaser Trailer

I’m about half way done with this thing, so I decided to make a teaser trailer to kind of feed the masses. Also, I added some pics for you guys to enjoy aswell.




Impressive. Care to share what models or reskins you used.

It’s a secret…:buddy:

I’ll edit this post tomorrow, I need to ask someone where he got them from but he isn’t online

LOL you still have captain comedy doing voice acting for you?

also wasn’t this sopost to be released 2 months according to you!?!?!

you decide to add a extra 20-30 minutes too it?

but it looks nice, my only gripe is the filters, it seems like each clip has a different color sceme, also they seem a little hastily applied, IE the filters that are applied look a little meh.

Talk to max about this, he has a great method that involved two color corrections, one for bright colors and one for brights, he can explain how to use that method better.


Believe it or not, the editing part of this whole project is not close to being done, so you are right about those filters. Filters ain’t rocket science though, they are easy to do

Scout, where did you get this 30 minute idea from? I don’t remember mentioning it going to be 30 minutes long

ehh according to max in some aspects they are.


lol wut

I agree wholeheartidly

GTA 4 Vehicle

I can name like three skins/models he used. I think he used the refugee model skin pack for that one guy on the bench with the girl, and the neo heavy combine, I think.

Well yeah, duh. I think he’s talking about the swat guys

They look cool, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is really cool, got a link to part 1?

The ship in the second screenshot is from AFF-Gmod unless I am mistaken. Also, I cannot WAIT for this to come out.

Thanks for the comments you guys. Yeah, A Day in Time is going to be really great. My best work…

InvisibleTed you are right, those are from the AFF pack.

I can’t actually give you a link to part one on youtube, this peice of shit mac i’m on by my sisters house isn’t letting me. Go on youtube and search “A day in time officialhotwirefilms” It should be like the first option down
(Little note, I tried to take a more dialouge based and slow style for the first one. Part two will be more action packed and it will still maintain the grat dialouge, better faceposing and amazing voice actors. You won’t be disapointed.

Since Faolco can’t post the link, Here it is.

you been working on this for half a year and a few more months
So i have a few question (serious ones)

1: 2 months ago you said it be 20 or so minutes long, has the time been extended on the featured length?
2: what about your previous movie you had before you felt the need to make this series in a gimmick bet I made with you nearly a year ago.
or to rephrase it, is zombie rising part 2, going to be finish? it has been a year now since you released part 1.

I pants’d in my jizz.

Gotta admit, I’m looking forward to this. And that “other project” :ninja:.