A Day in Time


The Earth is destroyed. Billions are dead, and only few escape to the moon. In those small numbers two men, Edward Mosque and Leonard Fulton think they know what will save humanity. Will they save the fate of the humans or doom it? Watch to find out. Part 1 of 2. Made in 2 weeks.


I bumped the thread because part 2 should be released within the next 2 weeks. I will post updates and screenshots every other day to show progress! Thank you for everyone that has watched the first episode, and please if you haven’t, feel free to view it. Thanks alot!

Hot Wire Films

You ow me now a new pair of pants.
lays down his weapon
I surrender.


Very well done!

That… Was… AWESOME!!!

Some excellent camera work and scene creation here, very good overall. I do think though that you need to improve the faceposing though, especially during the conversation between edward and leonard. There is barely any expression on their faces and apart from saying their lines there are practically no other movements and any that do occur (head movement for example) just look unnatural. It’s a real pity because the voice acting is spot on, apart from that though this is actually very good and I look forward to part 2.

Nicely done with the whole look of the film, but the plot and script is kinda… poor. I guess i can explain if you want, (didnt want to start off with a rant.)

Faolco, I believe we subbed each other a WHILE ago, back when I was still making Atomic Riders. I think you did very well on this machinima, although there were a few things I disliked. If I offend you, I apologize, I just like to be 100% honest.

The only thing you did flat out terribly was the action scene. When you are doing an action scene, in order to simulate the chaos and disorder of battle, you need to use constantly shaky camera effects and get rid COMPLETELY of the small, gradual zoom effects you put in every part of the action scene. It was well directed, and the grenade bit was a plus, but the cinematography was pretty bad.

The only other thing I have against the story is the writing. Although it is not HORRIBLE, it is merely okay, and one of the person’s mic has a static noise in the background that got on my nerves occasionally. Not to say ALL of it was bad, most of it was alright. I also am glad that you didn’t make the ENTIRE episode made up of talking, it had an action scene, which I enjoyed. Machinimas that are only comprised of talking, no matter how excellent the writing is, are always incredibly boring.

Suggestions: Work a SMALL bit harder on clearing up the writing, and make the action scenes a LOT more ‘shaky’ (catmull-rom cinematic camera & moving camera). If you’ve seen Atomic Riders IV (a video I made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvpUGoEbCmE&feature=channel_page), you will understand what I mean.

Thank you for the comments. I don’t take anything you say offensivly, but merely a way to improve on future machinimas. I contemplated using shaky camera, but I ended up saying meh. But thank you for the comment.

Great. Not even shaky camera, just something aside from static cameras with normal views. Shaky cam is NOT fun to work with, trust me, but the video (in my opinion) really looks good when you use it. It’s all personal preference.

Fumples, even though I do think his action scenes needed a lot more spicing up, the shaky cam isn’t the only option to achieving a pro-looking action scene. He could have accomplished that using lots of fast cuts with many many different camera angles. If the shaky cam isn’t done right, it looks “incredibly” lame. I say that, even as a huge fan of the shaky cam myself.

EDIT: Never mind, lol, I was too slow with this post.


This still scares me, seeing this was made for a competition, me V faolco…
Im scared because we agreed to a re competition, not a sort of joke like what we did.

I have no idea what you just said, but what ever you made needs to be freaking amazing to top this.
Plus, where is your video for the competition?
Great job. Pronominal video.

Long story short, we both voided the rules and agree we redo it and this time for fun.

It was pretty good, until i saw the aliens, then the person was on top the moon without a suit and i face palmed.

The suit that he’s wearing is alien technology and it puts oxygen directly in his bloodstream

I swear, we thought of this before we released it

This is fucking Mint.

One of the best machinimas I have ever seen, infact.

Boy, good thing there’s so much air in space. Other than that slightly humourous goof, it was pretty good. The faceposer bits were a bit soulless, and your voice actors were too quiet in the beginning, but other than that I enjoyed it. Beef up the plot in part two and you’ll be golden.

Thanks for the reply and i’ll be sure to use it to my aid in the future :slight_smile: