A Day in Tme 2 (Continuation of machinima I did like 2 years ago)





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My only complaint is that, if it takes place in 1960…whats with the modern cars, fighter jets, M4’s and modern tactical gear?

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And you coulda had just one video, instead of splitting it into two parts, it woulda been 10:44 seconds long.

That’s actually part of the reason I took so long to finish it. I got so discouraged by the stupid mistakes that were made when making the script and lost initiative to finish it.
didn’t consider it to be that big of an issue though considering we didn’t get attacked by aliens in the full invasion in the 60’s either…

Thanks for your input.

okay so I watched the first one, and it’s really silly.

How did the aliens find us because of Hiroshima?

also hahahahahha he was on the surface of the moon (which looked suspiciously nothing like the surface of the moon) and he could breathe? coolio

okay so i watched it all and i have to say it was pretty cool. well shot, even though the story was so-so.


That was awesome, thought I did found it weird that the leader guy (or whoever he was) rather strangely believed the two guys claiming to be from the moon right away.

Oh hey, my friend Vezon was in this machinima group

Okay, where should I begin.

I didn’t know about air in space. Well, there is, with many other gases, but the air still ain’t breathable there. So a handgrenade blew up RIGHT NEXT TO HIM and all it did to him was losing his helmet. Seriously, he’d be really seriously wounded. I mean if the explosion wouldn’t kill him, the shrapnels would.

But I like the counter-attack with the jets and all the shit.

And I have a question, why wouldn’t the ‘S.W.A.T’ guy kill the ‘Alien’ with his M4A1? The other guy on the moon would just shoot each one of them once with his MP7 and they were dead. Could you explain that to me, please?

sorry double post

I thought this was awesome, all the unrealistic sillyness aside.

also very good voice acting, the air strike was my favorite.

Is that you Steven Spielberg?
All seriousness this was awesome, this is something worthy of hollywood were it not…well made in Gmod. Awesome nonetheless though, if this were out in the movies I’d certainly be lining up to watch this masterpiece.
I full on loved the bit in the first one where the cops open fire on the the alien soldier and the bullets just deflect off of his/her (Alot of skin covered there) armour like they were mere spitballs.
This is a movie made with alot of time and devotion and best of all through an actual film-making design process, not that other machinimas haven’t gone through anything similar but its just that this was done right unlike what I see in alot of other films.