A Day in Trade Plaza {VIDEO}

This is a Gmod video that i made.I am not very good at Gmod so please be easy with me.

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I dont you to want this video anyone.I will make a better video.but go and watch it on Youtube.

If you had made the stop motion have a little more frames, it would have been a lot neater.

[sp]8/10 if you want me to criticize[/sp]

horrible video stopped watching after 20 seconds.

You can see the hud it’s completely random the quality just imploded and like Hyper Iguana said there’s almost no frames and it’s mostly a slide show.

But yeah keep trying, no-one’s first machinima is great.

I actually laughed at how bad it was, no offense

Yeah mate to be completely honest with ya its pretty bad. My suggest is to not stop making videos but learn from others and especially your mistakes. Go on youtube and google and learn some tutorials and get ideas. Practice makes perfect. Also Hyper Iguana, you suck at rating.

Comment this video , PLEASE!!!

Stop begging.


It’s so bad I didn’t even watch it

I need you to comment this video and subscribe me.:v:

Miroki please stop and take the advice people have given you, and try and create something better. Bumping this thread and asking for comments isn’t going to get you anywhere.