A Deadpool Ragdoll?

God I really have to stop doing requests. This will be the last one for a while.

I know that Deadpool is in the new Ultimate Alliance game, and am pretty sure that game is on computer.

Are there any plans on creating a Deadpool Ragdoll?

Required pic

Someone had one, but it was private. The person who did was being a real bastard, showing every model he had, and then telling us we’d never have them because someone used a model to turn it to Player Model without his permission. (It wasn’t even LABELLED as his, it was set as Techknow’s model and released on his own forum. There was no fucking way to know!)

Silver Spirit ported him, Don’t know if hes finish with it tho.

Yea I been working on him, but the rigging has gone wrong (but the problem is i don’t know why @.@), so i’ve tried to get a hold of some other models like it as reference for dimentional alterations for the preservation of the joints (or I might just do a custom rig if people would prefer a ragdoll to a player model).

From here, btw i took off the shiney ages ago ^^

I’d be more interested in Ragdoll.

May have a go then after i’ve got Bender a bit more sorted (unless I get the Lego Minifig, then it might be a bit longer :P). Also anyone know where I can get some swords like in that pic?

Well, I WAS working on Wade a while back (Wade is Deadpool’s real name, just thought I’d let you know), but then I got lazy and still don’t know how to port Ragdolls into Gmod. All of the Ult. Alliance 1 models were actually released by someone who had them, so it’s not just Deadpool we’re talking about. Just search the DC and Marvel Playermodels thread and you’ll find them.


I have to admit, Deadpool does look pretty damn cool in Ult. Aliance 2, and I would like to see someone port him into Gmod. Just be thankful NONE of us have the Wolverine Movie Deadpool in mind.

Yes yes I know Deadpools real name is Wade Wilson, which is a takeoff of Slade Wilson.

Also I think this thread should probably be a request for ANY comic book characters…

Ah yes, Deathstroke. REAL original Marvel. However, I’m pretty sure that the DC and Marvel Playermodel thread IS already a comic book character request thread. If you’ve got any more requests concerning that, then take it there. Be warned though, it’s becoming a free-for-all thread, just like the Kingdom Hearts and Brawl Ragdoll threads.

Alrighty thanks

Oh and you can thank Rob Liefeld for ripping off Deadstroke.

It was a completely different writer that gave him the personality we all know and love.

Stupid Liefeld >.<

Indeed it is :stuck_out_tongue: