A decent Combine Elite reskin.

What I need is a decent elite reskin because I ended up accidentally replacing my old skin with one that I don’t want. Any suggestions for decent reskins?

You can’t replace your old skin, if you delete the new one the old one will return.

Ok. Where would the old skins be located? That would be where the new ones are.

Nope. The new ones will be where you put them (either garrysmod/garrysmod/materials then some path) or in addons (with something with materials).

The original ones are in the GCF files hence why you can’t replace them.

Edit: The exact path will be “materials/models/combine_soldier/” then the files will be called the following .vtf and .vmt:

(depending on which you replaced)

Hmm, I guess I shouldn’t have put them in 3 different folders after they didn’t work the first time.

runs off to delete content


I must have missed something, I went through and deleted anything I could find related to the model I want to replace, but I still have the model, only now it has no textures, only the purple and black. Any idea what I could’ve missed?

I’ve dug through everything but I can’t find what the hell I missed.

You must have had a separate model for the skin for some reason, i’ll find out the names of the combine models for you.

They will be in the models folder (either in your main garrysmod/garrysmod folder or in a folder in your addons folder)


Also delete any other files in the same folder as these with the same name.