A decent M4A1 M203 swep which is not a goddamn reskin

However much I look on garrysmod.org I cannot find a decent M4A1 M203 swep which isn’t a reskin.
I want a realistic one with decent ironsights or even a red dot sight, a decent model, a working grenade launcher and different firemodes. You might want to make the model, I don’t know as I can’t be bothered to make 2 topics in different forums.
If you need to know what it looks like here’s a picture:

I think that Insurgency Swep Pack may have had one of these.

pls. send me the link. because garysmod dont work on me. (or the DL link)

Someone say my pack? :3:, If your still looking for one, its right here. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=877157
Be sure to grab the update aswell. Good luck.