A dedicated northern countries server would be welcome addition.

Hi I just bought the game (RUST) and have some 50 hours under my belt.

Today (saturday 07.11.2015 ) it came quite clear to me that there would be a need on the player front for a facepunch owned dedicated server for the northern countries.
With northern countries I mean Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. A server of 150-200 cap would be cool.

All the servers at Amsterdam were full during my prime hours of Saturday.
Having to resort to some non dedicated servers is sub-optimal.

I like this game alot and I’m telling my WOT buddies to get it as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks and keep up the good work.

God no you don’t want a Facepunch run server…play a community server bud get away from official servers they suck ass

The community and modded server are closely monitored by fairly active admins. For cheaters and hacks its hard to come across many in the smaller to medium servers. I’ve come across many good sweden servers that have active admins. I’m playing on an EU server from Canada and I have just as much lag as the Toronto dev server.