A deer antler Helmet

Why? Because I can…
No, actually, I was considering just using it for poses/playermodel request/practically anything.

Sorry for bump, but I can’t imagine it being too hard to do. Just graft the fantasy deer antlers onto a football helmet model from TF2 or a GTAIV Bike helmet.

How’s this?

Oh my word that is amazing.

sweet dude.

It’s too fat and smooth.

Nobody mentioned this yet? Reminds me of Dead Rising 2

YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Add some flight goggles, and I’ll use it as my personal skin’s hat!
(naturally, being the Japanadian)

Personally, I’d add a random logo or something to the side. A Canadian Maple leaf might work.

Now, once that’s finished, I’m off to remake that original pic!

Quick update with matte textures and the WIP goggles.

I like it. Just perhaps make it a darker shade of red.

Red? In the picture it looks pink, which I still don’t have the right shade of yet. It’s pink right?


Redid the shape of the helmet. It looked really off and it was bothering me. It’s a little bit better.

I think i’ll see what it looks like after I texture it.

Well, does it fit on the heads of the citizens?

I know it’s different, I wanted my own little spin on it.

Oh yeah don’t worry about it fitting right. I can do that.

smells like turbosmooth

I’m surprised nobody mentioned this yet.

Oh, is that like a modeling faux pas or something?

Took off the modifiers and added a couple edge loops.


Nice try, but you never edited the post.

My bad. I was going to say, try and keep it similar to your original WIP image. I think it shouldn’t be as round.

Bump, this is too great to die.