A Demonic Juggernaut prepares to Annihilate an Off-screen threat.


I’m not sure if the flames even make any sense but what ever.

Glowing eyes dont fit and they look kinda bad.

But the miniguns look pretty cool and the posing is nice.

Holy shit that is freaky as hell.
I disagree Santz, I like the eyes.

This is great.

Fire and Smoke looks pasted on, but overall, great pic.

Holy shit!!


Yeah, the eyes stick out a bit, but they looks good. Maybe more of an orange glow would be better. Otherwise, the only issue is that the posing seems a bit… off. But he’s wearing enormous, bulky armour so it sort of makes sense.

Also, I love that you edited the writing on his flap thingy. So much more fitting than “GET SUM.”


Awesome crotch plate.

Butthurter don’t even.

For once, I don’t seem to admire your optimism.