A Demonic Opera

This Friday the next issue of the Vortigaunt things will be released. MAybe even sooner, if this thread or the other two don’t last long. This picture is an old picture from my old screenshots folder that I decided to edite quickly (like most my pictures it seems :confused: ) Believe it or not it was/is a concept picture for a comic.

So, enjoy.


Looks creepy and awesome. Those two guys upfront,I’ve never seen those models.

They were released by Lord M a while ago. They link is dead now, I may have the models someplace, but you could request Lord M to reupload his ‘Sect Haexen Terrorists’ (and maybe even release his artic one :confused: )



Either people are eager for the next Vort picture or people don’t like this one. :v:

Most likely the latter.


Remindes me of that one movie, The Genetic Opera. Which, by my standards was not very operatic.

I have yet to see that film. I want to though.

Awesome man.

This pic has a great feel to it. Good job.
Btw, where’d you get all those fancy models, eh?

The latter ^^.
Pretty demonic indeed.

SiN Episodes: Emergence.