A Demonstration of How Walls Respond To C4 After The 2/17/2014 Update (No more weak sides!)

Thanks to Bob for letting me use his server to test the walls, and giving me some supplies.

Thank god.


So raiding is now harder, and dumbed down as far as placement. Raiding is fun, doubling the cost to raid seems an extreme change.

awesome, thank you very much for the video!

This is just in my opinion. But when the game is set up so a player has to spend 6 hours farming mats for a base, and a raider only has to spend 30 minutes farming mats for C4, then its heavily sided towards the raiders…

I am glad to see it doubled, I might actually ask for more… we’ll have to see how this works.

(I do raid as well as base build)

That video is very clear and informative thank you

omg hunting deer with c4, (~8:10 in)

special thanks for blowing up that final chicken

The game isn’t designed just for raiding. Balance is important.

Good news for carebears, bad news for raid-hardcore-gamers.

How does this effect grenades? (If at all)

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carebear? lol.

Balance is important, and like I said before 6hrs to make base 30 minutes to break in? how is that balanced?

There is almost 0 risk in raiding and quite a bit of risk in gathering. (most raiders just wait until you are offline)

hmm, Snickerdoodle, please record video with 2 walls (first floor) and 4 walls (first+second floor) when put c4 on pillar (damage radius)

I can’t record this at the moment, but I can tell you that I tested this earlier before I recorded. The splash damage really only gets to 200-250 tops when you place C4 on the pillar (when I tested).

Someone else feel free to test this.


TIL it takes 3 C4 to kill a deer!

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I was thinking the same thing, what happens if you place the C4 directly between 2 walls? Will it do 600 dmg to both walls? Or will it only target one wall and the other gets splash dmg?

They both get the small splash damage if placed between, on the pillar.
If placed on the corner of the wall, one wall will get 600 and the other will get splash.

This video was posted 11 days ago. Today’s update?

That’s how walls were then. My video shows how walls are now.

That deer is OP should of done a bear one haha.

So TL:DW; C4s now deal 600 damage at 1000 hit points wall objects (apart from pillars and such ofc) and placement does not matter at all anymore?

Realistically that wall should have been blown into smithereens, assuming that its a shaped charge.
Realistically, C4 and M4 arent things that would be accessible to your average survivor.
Realistically, this game is supposed to be fun. So fuck realism.